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10. Nonetheless they’re not shopping that is above deals

10. Nonetheless they’re not shopping that is above deals

Simply because teenagers choose to sport gear from well-known merchants does not mean they are having to pay top dollar for all the stuff they buy. In reality, Piper Jaffray’s 2013 springtime study unveiled that most them are now trying to find discounts at off-price stores like T.J. Maxx and Ross. Around 70 per cent of girls and 55 per cent of men surveyed stated they go shopping at most of these shops, and several of them consented it was popular thing to do.

11. Not all teenagers are spenders

Apart from gauging spending trends, MarketingVOX as well as the Rand Youth Poll additionally looked at just just how much teens are saving. Of greater than 8,000 teenagers surveyed, 38 % stated that they truly are earnestly saving cash and 22 per cent stated these are generally saving significantly more than they did the past 12 months. Fifty-seven per cent of teens stated they’ve been spending less for brand new clothing while 36 per cent are socking away cash to get a motor vehicle.

12. But some of them lack fundamental monetary knowledge

Teenagers are spending big, but also for the many component, they will have a rather restricted comprehension of individual finance essentials

like what the difference is between credit and debit cards.